Thursday, January 23, 2003

After hearing Russ talk after class yesterday, I started thinking more about voice and intent with regards to blogging. He contends that a certain amount of megalomania comes with writing a blog, as we assume someone will be reading them, and then go on to assume that people will care. I, as you can see by my tone, am not excluded from this group of bloggers. A blog, in this way, almost becomes therapy. We are on the couch, and our audience (real or imagined) provides psychoanalysis. And we gain confidence as writers and cummunity members, as we feel we are saying something someone else thinks is worth reading. Even when we "journal" it is under the presupposition that someone else will read it. (Again, like I am doing now). I am not familiar with journaling, as my few attempts to keep a journal (why is it a journal for men and a diary for women-I will look it up in the OED) have fizzled out and died. Maybe everyone writes with the idea that someone else might read it. What makes a blog different in that regard is it is almost a certainty (and quite really is, in this class). More on this later, I think. Anyway, what reminded me to post this today, after thinking about it all yesterday (my mind is its own monster) was this wonderful journal site Notes from an Eclectic Mind. This site really is more than what the name implies, and as I have stated, is really a nice collection of journalling. She provides a wonderful detailing of her life, and even addresses her readers from time to time, making us feel welcome and invited.

~The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. - George Bernard Shaw

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