Thursday, September 29, 2005


we are paying congress for? To hold a hearing on steroid use in sports is, at best, ok. I understand children are starting to use steroids, and instead of blaming parents, we should blame sports stars. They are the ones who take the kids to the mall to buy the stuff, and they are the ones who pay for it. Certainly, we can all agree that parents should not be blamed for their kids actions. What do people think: the parents are supposed to guide the actions of the kids? Stupid. Actors, musicians, and sports figures do that.

But seriously, cleaning up our national pastimes is a good idea. I am not sure how important it is for congress to get involved, but if they must. IF THEY MUST. At least they should be going about it the right way.

Sen. George Allen, R-Va., made a not-so-veiled reference to Bonds, who has denied using steroids: "As far as Hank Aaron is concerned, if a certain player breaks his home run record, it's not a question of an asterisk. ... There probably ought to be an 'RX' next to it."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What in the hell happened to due process? Is Bonds taking steroids? I don't know. The truth is, no one except Barry Bonds knows. The guy has NEVER ONCE tested positive for any banned substance. Not once. They indict him because, over the past 8 years, he has gained 70 lbs, mostly of muscle. Do the math on that. Less than ten pounds a year, or less than one pound a month, of muscle mass added. Balley's Fitness promises better results. They say it is because he is over 40 and hitting home runs. Karl Malone, who is a physical monster, got better and better as he aged, posting his best numbers late in his career. He also lowered his body fat each and every year he was in the league, including the two years he was over 40.

Somehow, the rules are different in baseball. Forget that Maris, and Ruth and Aaron before him, was on all sorts of illegal substances, had to play less games, farther apart, against slower balls with harder bats, and none of them but Maris played at night. Forget that technology is keeping people healthier and safer longer, allowing them to play more full careers and be more effective until they are past middle age. Forget that science and healing has started to catch up with potential. This guy MUST be on juice. There is no other answer, right?

The truth is, this is all because Bonds stands to break Hank Aaron's home run record. Remember the asterisk for Roger Maris? This is the exact same thing. This is the last of the hitting records to fall, and "purists" don't want to see it go. Even though it is good for baseball, and records, for this and every other damned thing to be broken. And they don't want to see it go to a guy who HATES the media. He isn't America's sweetheart. Sound familiar? Sounds like Maris to me, too.

But Malone was set to break the all time scoring record in basketball, and no one cared. Kareem Abdul Jabaar didn't go to a congressional hearing to say he thought the mailman was on the juice. Why?

Perhaps the reason here is that the same people who hold on to baseball as America's pastime (when statistics prove it is, and has been, football) are the same old farts we have running our country. The same who think that public opinion stands as law. The same who think the FCC is the rule, and free speech the exception. The same who want us to hold on to old fashioned "values" of do but don't talk about it, talk, but don't listen, and listen only to me.

They need to learn a lesson from their past, when they were the young fans of a sport threatened to be torn apart by the then old farts, who didn't want to see some dumb average joe break babe ruth's record, and ended up making a mockery of the record books for thirty years. They need to be aware that baseball has barely survived the last few controversies, and the strike before that, and that people will only care about this until they stop talking about it. They need to know that the records are what keep the people going, and that the fans are only (sometimes literally) in the stands for Barry Bonds.

They need to be kissing this guys ass, not trying to kick it out of baseball.


Monday, September 26, 2005


to having our wedding all set up.

For those of you who don't know, we are doing a destination wedding. We want a very small ceremony, in a luxurious setting, where we have never been. We want as much of the wedding planned for us as possible, and as much of the responsibility on other people, preferably paid professionals.

So we had it narrowed down to an all inclusive resort or a cruiseship. After talking to a travel agent, we found out that cruise ships are big frauds. The fess they tack on are horrible. Port fees, landing taxes. It's silly. And they charge you for everything they can think of. Drinks are at bar prices, peak hours. The wedding ceremony is an extra 1000, minimum.

Sandals resorts, on the other hand, include EVERYTHING. The wedding, cake, flowers, pictures, and more (including JUST MARRIED T SHIRTS) are included. Drinks, all meals, snacks, room service, and a host of sports activities with professional trainers, are all included. Scuba diving is free! Golf is free! Just everything you can think of, included in the package. So, barring the travel agent sneaking something by us, this is our decision.

The wedding will be in June, and the vacation will span Carly's birthday (how romantic). It will cost us around 2200 bucks. We may stay longer, for about 135 a night more. Others who want to go will pay as little as 1500. That sounds like a lot of money, but is a very good price for what we are getting. That's airfare included, too.

The resort is in Jamaica. That means our wedding photos will be from the beach, and we will have the sunset, not some stuffy catholic church, as our backdrop. Our honeymoon is included, and we will be surrounded by the people we love. It is just perfect.

Except, of course, Carly's family is Catholic. So far, that is just a minor problem, but we are preparing for it to be larger. Hopefully people will respect our wishes, and our choices, and be happy for us. Knowing Catholics, though...And my family will be the same way, even though few are still practicing. It will be seen as eloping. I guess I am ok with that, because it is what we want, and fits our style. I just don't think starting our marriage off lying to God for our families is really a good idea. It sort of sets a tone, you know? I really hope people see it that way. You can maybe tell I am worried.

Bottom line, I am happy today. It feels good to have solid plans, and a direction, for our wedding. Everything else will work out as it will, and I have no control over that. What I have control over is marrying the perfect person, in the perfect place, and continuing our perfect life.



why I love football



finally have soemthign to be happy about. The game Sunday was about as good as I have seen the vikings play in a long time.

The key to the game was the offensive front. Those guys gave Culpepper good pockets all day, and allowed the recievers time to run downfield. They also gave some huge lanes to Mewelde Moore, who enjoyed a 101 yard rushing day as teh lone set back.

Now I AM one to say I told you so, but they shuffled the line, stuck with one runner most of the day, and Pepper threw for three touchdowns. All things I said they would do, and needed to do, for a win. Am I a football genius? yes. But it doesn't take one to realize that was the only thing they could do to win.

Lost in all this, perhaps, is the fact that Loney is no longer calling the plays. He is still the OC, but Tice is not calling the plays, and allowing Pepp to audible more. The TD throw to Troy Williamson was audibled.

How about Travis Taylor? TWO TD catches. Not a bad day. But, as everyone is quick to point out, this guy was a first round draft pick, and he ended up on a bad team. No one knew what he could do. We still don't. I haven;t seen precise route running like that on our team in a long time, though. He is a good addition, and at little cost.

In case anyone wants to get too high on this win, we have a tough one at the Falcons next week. That means running running and more running by the dirt birds. Some things I saw on the D line, which otherwise did a great job, worry me. We have a three gap as big as the Lincoln Tunnel, and if McAllister can run through it, Duccett, Dunn and Vick sure can. We missed a lot of backfield tackles on Aaron Brooks, and Vick is twice the athlete. Tough game for us next week.


I am back to hating my job. hate is a strong word, but I grow tired of the pettiness. Being a boss is a shitty shitty job. Being the boss of a group of prima donna post teen girls is almost unbearable. Having one of those be your boss, and having the boss you like out of the country for two weeks pushes it right over the edge.

We lost the best worker we had, too. She also happened to be hand picked by me (my first new hire, the rest of the staff is holdover from the last boss) so I am back to square one. I am going to insist we hire a new worker, instead of converting an office worker who isn;t cutting it in the office. I don't like hand me down clothes, why would I like hand me down workers?


Friday, September 23, 2005


It seems to me Orlando Bloom is the next Leonardo DiCaprio. You know, no talent, brings down the value of a movie, fourteen year old girls think he's it.

I'm sick of commercials that don't tell us what the product is. I get it, they are little movies that sell us things. Great, now tell me what I need to buy.

Let's review: Tom Cruise has married:

Nicole Kidman(38)
Penelope Cruz(32)
Currently dating Katie Holmes (25)

So, if the pattern continues, it should look like this:
Hillary Duff (17)
Dakota Fanning (12)



Wednesday, September 21, 2005


how they react, after getting a second chance, I say fuck em. Seriously.

AT what point do we stop blaming the big bad government for all the loss of life and start blaming the idiots who don't know how to learn from the mistakes of the past, the reporting of today, or the warnings of tomorrow?

It is hard to have sympathy for these people, but that is exactly what we will hear in a few days, when the new storm comes through and rips apart the few homes left. I just don't want to hear anyone talking about race, class or warning this time, because these people had enough of the latter to overcome the former. They are just stupid.



someone said this. It's too bad it was Barry Bonds, people are just going to say he has his own agenda. Still, this is the TRUTH:

Asked whether Congress was wasting time by looking into steroid use in sports, Bonds responded: "Pretty much, I think so. Yeah."

"You know what? There are still other issues that are more important," Bonds said. "Right now, people are losing lives, don't have homes, I think that's a little more serious. A lot more serious."

C'mon congress, pull your collective head out of your collective ass.


Expect a post about my Itasca camping trip, once I get it edited. Also, I should have a response post to my teaching post up soon. (I had some time to write these last few days)

My poison ivy may be gone, but the rash and hives left over from the medication are bugging me. Seriously, I don;t get sick for years, and then it all happens at once. I have a horrible head cold, too.

If Vikings Football is going to be this bad, I may have to start watching college games. Nobody wants that.

That's it, for now.


Monday, September 19, 2005


Hard work being a fan. I want to say we will right the ship, but I just don't know. The Vikings looked even worse this week than last. Here are a few observations about that:

Announcers are all retarded. There, I said it. This recent slide has very little to do with trading Randy Moss, and far more to do with losing our offensive line couach, top rusher, center, and right tackle to free agency or injury. Count off the seconds it takes for the pocket to collapse around Daunte. Now watch a raiders game, and count the seconds Randy Moss needs to get open. Still think he would make a difference?

I have said it before, and I will say it again, runningback by committee is worthless. We need to choose one back and stick to him. That back should NOT be Michael Bennett. Since his injury he has been ineffective. He had two fumbles last game, too. Faison OR Moore. End of discussion.

Daunte better learn how to take a sack. He is in for a long season, and he doesn't want to throw the ball into the hands of the opposition everytime the line collapses (which will be often).

Mike Tice is one game away, if not less, of losing his job. Count on it. This is unfortunate, because the skid isn't his fault, and I love his sound bites. The truth, though, is he has been a .500 coach, no better, and I don't see him getting better.

only 17 of almost 190 teams to start 0-2 made it to the playoffs. Four playoff teams from a year ago are 0-2. Something's gotta give.

Next week we WILL beat the saints. The line will be shuffled and no one will notice. Culpepper will throw for three touchdowns and a pick, and everyone will say he got things under control, when all he needed was a pocket.

That's it for the vikes this week.


Thursday, September 15, 2005


...was biking today. It was my first time back on my bike since I broke my little toe bone.


Why, when I have two hundred and five other bones, is one, the size of half a roll of dimes, going to give me so much trouble? I hardly noticed the damned thing when it was all right (obviously, or I would not have abused it against the coffee table as I did) and now I notice it all the damned time.


So anyway, today was the first time on my bike in about twoish weeks. Since I rode everyday, then had to stop, this meant a bit of an adjustment. I still cannot ride full out of the saddle for long without getting a bit of a pinch, so I took it easy, going around 19mph for 20 miles.

The leaves are starting to drop and hint at changing, so the path around the lake is aesthetically beautiful. For tiny little bike wheels, however, it is a mess. That didn't bother me so much, though, because I was able to get out and ride. That, after all, is what it's all about.

What DID bother me is the mess of people walking their dogs. I LOVE dogs. I LOVE people. I LOVE people and dogs. But they do not, together, belong on the bike path. It is a bike path. There are separate walking paths, dammit. And doggies, it seems, have this notion that when they see a man dressed in all red, riding a red bike, he must be a fire hydrant. Of course, I am too fast for them to pee on, which must confuse them to the point they want to jump out IN FRONT of me. The pet owners, of course, have no idea this is about to happen, so are of no help when it does. That means I have to play Lance-Armstrong-in-the=Peleton and dodge idiots, canine or otherwise.

Which brings me to the real problem on my ride today. Now, I also LOVE kids. I LOVE people. I HATE parents. Not individually, mind, just as a group or abstract thought.

The manifest of my hate, in this case, was a parent with FIVE, count em, FIVE children on the path with him. That, in and of itself, would be of no consequence. I would rather they were out of doors, even if it meant on my bikepath (sans bikes) than otherwise, as long as they were cared for. This parent, of course, was probably just glad to have them in a space that did not echo when they yelled, and where they were not pulling each others hair. He also, it seemed, needed to walk his dog. AH HA! So here is the trouble. Doggie had to poopie. Human had to watch. That left little humans without supervision just in time for me to round a corner and find them, spread out accrossed the damned path. I had no options, so I went right through where the big human and the little doggie were finishing up their sideshow. That meant I narrowly missed guy, dog, and poop, and rode my ROAD BIKE through NOT ROAD. That made me mad, so I turned to give my meanest "you are stupid" stare at the parent. He, of course, was already giving one at me. AT ME! Can you believe it! He, and his brood of bastard children and Satan spawn dog (listen, I realize the kids were with their dad, rendering that last remark highly unlikely, but it sounded good, so go with it) were in MY WAY, and I had to evade, and he was mad at me!

Now, I don't blame the kids. Obviously they would not be watching where they were going, given the mentoring they had recieved. Nor do I blame the dog. I don't make a habit of being too terribly alert when I am in MY bathroom. So that only leaves two more people to blame, and this time I was in the right.

I know I should not be judging the merits of this parent on one incident, but I will never meet him again, so I may never have the opportunity to judge. I was taught never to waste an opportunity given, so there it is.

The problem is any two asshats, parts corresponding, can get together and make a baby. Then those same asshats get to spend the time messing that baby up until he becomes a little man and then an asshat himself. There ought to be a test before you are allowed to have kids:

QUESTION 1: Are you an asshat?


When I was young I wanted a dog. I spent two months cleaning my room daily, checking in with my homework, mowing, brushing my teeth and wiping up after I spilled to prove to my mother I was responsible enough to care for one.

Maybe this guy should keep the dog for awhile, until he can prove he is responsible enough to move up to more sophisticated dependants.



Is hard when so many cool things exist in this world, all of them begging to be bought.

Carly and I are saving for our wedding. How much we save will determine how damned cool our wedding will be, and we want it to be DAMNED COOL. So we want to get 300-500 a month in our savings, not to be touched under penalty of death.

But lately, I have been buying stupid shit. It is as if I have some sort of consumer virus, and every now and again I have to go out and buy some gadget or trinket.

And ebay is the devil. They offer such great deals, at all hours of the night. I just bought a new PDA, and before that a bike, and the list goes on and on. I don't think I don't NEED these items, both the bike and the PDA have been very useful, I just wish I could control my impulse to spend.

Anyway, here we are, still trying to save money. For the most part, we are doing a fair job (like a B- effort), but I looked over the last two ledgers, and we could be saving a TON of money, instead of just a bit here and there.

And that's even before we switch to GEICO.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


younger, I had two different family reunions to attend. One was my grandmother's side of the family, and the other my grandfather's side. I went to a few more from grandpa's side, but I really remember grandma's side as a more enjoyable experience.

Grandma's family was dirt poor, but they knew how to throw a party. EVERYONE was having a good time, all the time. Kids ran around like woodland creatures as parents found their way to the drink and food. It was, in a word, perfect.

Grandpa's family had a bit of money. They weren't wealthy: they had just enough money to put on airs. I remember everyone seemed to want to have a good time, and had paid for a good time, and planned and organized, but no one ever seemed to figure out HOW to get it done.

At Grandma's reunion we sang songs. At Grandpa's we sand hymnals. Burger's and brats from grandma, steak and potatoes from grandpa. A large abandoned field verses a manicured campsite. A hayride or a speedboat.

There was love at both, to be sure, but it always seemed tempered at grandpa's. Everyone had to show just the perfect amount of restraint at all times. "You are a cute kid, gufaaw" was the sort of attitude. Grandma's family never gufaawed, they snorted.

I remember all this as I walk back from visiting my old university. I quit as a grad student, and a grad assistant, and did so mid semester. I left behind a lot of people who tried to help me, and a lot of people who wanted it advertised that they tried to help me. I ran in to both types on my visit back.

Walking back into that building was a lot like going to Grandpa's reunions. Everyone had a bit of love in their eyes, but the conversation was all centered around the wrong things. I had to talk to my old advisor, she gave me a look that said I had to. It was not great, to say the least. It was uncomfortable and awkward. She asked all the questions you would expect her to ask, about what I am doing now, and expressed a bit of worry (as if quitting university was quitting life). But the underlying feeling was still there: the reason I quit was still there. I just didn't like these people, and didn't want them thinking they would be helping me by trying to make me into them. It sounds horribly trite, but I mean every word. I really didn't want to be some I love everything and everyone writer type who secretly hated everything and everyone. I want to be able to hate and love what I hate and love, dammit!

While I was sitting there, I ran into more of the same professors, each one stopping to inquire about me, each one smiling and hugging me, and each one going back to the office to either forget about me or gossip about me.

I really wish I would have ran into Dr. Morgan or been able to talk to Rose. I REALLY would have liked to see Nancy Michaels, she was always true to me.

I am sure I will be back in the lion's den sometimes soon, a good friend works up there now, but I really hope next time I can sneak in and out. The reflection of who I was and who they thought I was in their eyes was hard to take.


Monday, September 12, 2005


to me that Andy Dick's name has just one too many letters in it to be an accurate depiction of his life choice.



a game.

That's what a lot of people will be saying about the event Kenny Smith oreganized through the NBA. In thirty hours of planning, the Jet brought together over 20 NBa stars, including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Allen Iverson, to host a charity all star game. The players and ex players involved pledged over 1 million dollars in relief.

It was just a game.

Forget about the money involved. How about Charles Barkley pledging 250,000 of his own money, and using another 750,000 to build five brand new homes for the victims to start new lives in. Add to that the Robert Pack S.O.S. foundation that was started, to support survivors by providing another 50 or more homes. And look at all the supplies, mostly from sponsers, the players got contributed.

It was just a game.

Now put all that good away. It means a chance at a brighter future, and that is no small thing. But it pales in comparision with what I saw last night. Kobe Bryant took a kid in his arms and kept him there THROUGH the game. That young child, younger than my own nephew, got to sit with his idol through a game, laughing and joking and playing like a normal kid. If you still don't see why that is so important, let me spell it out. This kid lost everything he ever knew in an instant. He is now surrounded by loss and grief, everywhere he turns. He has to live with thousands of other people, strangers. Normalcy is gone for him. His whole life is devistated. But you know what that kid is going to remember? Getting to sit with Kobe Bryant.

And hundreds of other kids and adults have similar stories. The money and the aid is amazing, but these few NBA players took the power they were given through the talent they have, and changed peoples lives. They could actually erase the tragedy from the collective memory of so many kids. Those kids will grow up looking at this as an opportunity, as a blessing, not even in disguise.

This wasn't just a game. This was a game.


Sunday, September 11, 2005


I write less about my teams when they lose. I guess I just don;t feel like talking about it. But here goes, anyway.

Daunte Culpepper looked nervous in the service: four turnoves in a nightmare performance. He is better than that, so I just consider this a fluke. He does it again, though, and I have to break his kneecaps.

I thought our wide recievers were getting uncovered well. You might not have seen it, because Daunte was messin gup, but the route running was crisp, and they were really getting back to the ball.

We need a running back. Just one. I have never beleived in the rotation or runningback by committee. Many reps makes rythme. Where was Fason?

Defense looked great. Sharper overplayed a couple balls, but some of those paid off. 88 yards for a TD is a hell of a way to introduce yourself to your new teammates. Smoot cramped up, but not before taking down an INT himself. Pat williams is a big man, but deceptively fast. They had to be on the field a lot today, and they looked good.

Anyone who thinks what happened today was Pepps fault might want to look at the right guard position. What a mess. They were letting in rushers all day long. DP still has to hold on to the ball, but they need to give him a bit more time.

Of course, the announcers wanted to talk about Randy Moss. It's a story, but it had nothing to do with todays loss. No time to throw downfield means even Moss would have been frustrated.

How about our rookie punter? Actually, our whole legs team looked great. We need those guys if we want to make a deep run this year. Field position, and good defense, will win us a few bad games.

So many new faces, I need to start studying tape. I don't even know the names of some of these guys. More next week as we turn this around.


Saturday, September 10, 2005


Who knows me knows I am against drugs, in all forms. I won;t even take aspirin for a headache. I just don't like the idea. I fyou have read this blog in the past week, though, you will know I was put on a steroid (prednisone) for poison ivy. I guess I am weak willed, because the constant iching, burning, and boiling rash I had was enough for me to go against my principles. And let me tell you, I am glad I did

Here is a picture from four days ago, when I first started taking the prednisone:

Here is a picture now:

But I have to say, there HAS been a very weird side effect. I guess it isn't a myth...
These are my balls before the steroids:

These are my balls now:

I don't know if the redness is also a side effect, but you can see they are much smaller now.

On a very off note, which should make you groan after reading all this, I ate those cherry tomatoes right after I took the picture, then thought to myself how sick that is, kind of.


Friday, September 09, 2005


At work, I got to look over some new applications. one of them was from a man, in his thirties, from Chicago. Instantly I was drawn in. Not only was he from the-place-I-want-to-be, but his interests were ALL basketball related. I, of course, want to hire him on that merit, alone.

But wait, there's more. It turns out he listed VINCE CARTER on his references. Now, I am not saying it's THE Vince Carter, but the possibility alone should be worth our interviewing him.

Alas, we are hiring for someone to look after female clients, and I don't need another worker at the Home. Still, maybe I could do a sign and trade with the office. Two of my front line and a rookie to be named later for This Guy and his friend, Vince.

I am such a sports nut.



In this very grey world, I still remain black and white about everything. Younger people call that arrogance, older people call it nievety.

People my age call me an asshole.

Gas prices have dropped 15 cents this week, and we are thankful. Too bad they rose 50 cents last week. Supply, in the last ten years, is up 4.6%, and usage 4.8%. This isn't a supply and demand issue, then, is it?

Johnny B and Lankey D are proof that any asshat can have a radio show, and people will listen.

Can we all agree to get rid of that damned Nickleback song? Two power chords and a "Rhyming for Dummies" handbook does not mean you are a musician.

Why do most people fail to understand that a conversation, with disagreement, is not an argument or attack on character? Are people REALLY that insecure?


Thursday, September 08, 2005


A lot to blog about today, so I am just going to gloss everything and get it out of the way.

First, anyone who missed last night's tennis match between Andre Aggasi and James Blake missed perhaps the best gut match in the history of tennis. Aggasi was down the first two sets, rallied the next two, and then took it to a tie break, where both sides broke three times before Aggasi won. It went on until 12:15 here, which meant they were playing Authur Ashe court until 1:15 in the morning. Just one hell of a match. check out the link for full details.

Now, I did some blog surfing from the people who randomly hit my blog. I found out an interesting fact: if you are a girl, and you are not fat, you will have more hits than you deserve. That's not to say all non-fatties don't deserve the hits they get, just that. . . well, yes, that's what I am saying.

Post a picture of yourself, and you will get comments like these:

"you're totally hot, do you have a boyfriend"
"I don't ever say this, but you are the cutest person I have ever seen" etc.

Show some cleavage and you can triple your hits.

Don't believe me? Check out this horrible post, and all the comments after it, and wonder to yourself why so many people read her blog.

The thing is, she isn't that good looking. Kind of pig nosed. Kermit might be interested...but I digress. She talked about a vibrator, who wouldn't want to read THAT?

I far prefer this blog. She recently posted a picture of herself (after I read it for this review) but that didn't bother me so much. Her writing voice is fun, if not a bit immature (she is only 18 or 19, from what I can tell), and she doesn't take herself very seriously. She's no keledy, but keledy went underground, so she is the next best thing.

Lastly, the steroids are working. Not only did I get a killer workout in today (almost two hours), my rash is drying out and already about 3/4 the size it was yesterday. I hope I don't grow hair on my back.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Will be after ME next. I am officially on steriods. Prednisone, to be precise. I am taking it for my rash(see below), along with an antibiotic about the size of a horse, not a horsepill, a horse.

Does this mean I will be as big as barry bonds in 10 days? nope. Does it mean my wee-wee will become a wuu-wuu in ten days? nope.

All it means is my poison ivy will go away, and I can go to obsessing about important things, like football.

Several people are now predicting the Vikings are going to make it far in the playoffs this year. Bob Ryan even went so far as to say they would beat the Eagles, and thus represent the NFC in the superbowl. Now, I don;t know about all THAT, but they do look improved.

The receiving corps is the best it has ever been, and we just signed Koren Robinson, and waived Kelly Campbell. That's agood move, as KC was an undersized, overvalued, non proven 4th option, and Koren was a top draft choice and a proven third option (who will most likely play in 3-4 reciever sets). That makes us the deepest at recieveer we have ever been. Ever.

Still need to find a consistant runner and stick with him, and I want to see Fred Smoot cover someone before I decide we have the secondary shored up, but otherwise, we look good.

I will talk more, at length I am sure, throughout the season about the other players, especially Pepp, who was just shy of amazing this preseason, but for now I need to elevate and ice.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Idea, let's focus on the wording of the victims of Katrina. It sure will help, a lot.

Since when is the word "refugee" rascist? Seriously? Are there no white refugees, or asian refugees? Answer me, Jesse Jackson. I am thinking about going to Jesse Jackson's Ranch and standing outside until he talks to me about this.


I've always thought

People who put pictures of their injuries online are morbid, at best, and sick, at least! But now I have a picture, so it is ok:

This is my poison ivy rash, one week after contact...



TV's Gilligan, is dead.

Godspeed, little buddy.


Poison Ivy


Painting the apartment today. It is some sort of textured paint, so I have no clue how to put it on. I watch TLC, sometimes, but they make it look so easy. Anyway, when it is done, it should look suede. I think it looks like a wet kitty litter box right now.