Wednesday, January 02, 2008


have it in me to write everyday. Although, I suppose I could, because I am finding how to have a bit of time between jobs to get some personal surfing done (let's hope the boss doesn't read this).

Anyway, a good time was had between last writing and this, and I really ought to write about it. On Christmas Eve-Eve we had our (now) annual party. I was suprised, and very happy, to find that my Aunt and my cousin would be coming. It added a whole new dynamic to our otherwise dynamicless (I kid) group.

Really, all I can say is we had too much variety and too much quantity of alcohol, and we had a good time one-upping the conversations. And I got to see a side of my Aunt I had not previously witnessed. My cousin, I think, even had a fun time (though I suspect she would not admit it). Also, I rediscovered Drew's love of sports. Really, the guy has me hands down when it comes to the understanding of football. He knew, off hand, all the minutae it takes announcers years to pick up. I would say the guy picked the wrong profession, but I think he is doing a fine job where he is, too.

Chad bailed.

Josh and Heather were there, and in great spirits. It's always nice to get the parts of the famiyl I like together, it reminds me of the importance of family. Carly even remarked that it was nice to see us in a normal family function. I knew what she meant.

I am sure I will have a ton more to write about, althoguh I can;t think of a thing right now. For now, though, just make sure to have a great new year, and drop me a line from time to time.