Monday, January 27, 2003

I often daydream of being a stand up comic, but then wake up in class. That'll have to do, for now.

But seriously folks! I have been getting back into self improvement as of late. I even went out shopping for a good home gym, but could not find one to fit the space I had available. I bought a guitar, instead. It was not until a few days later I realized I had bought the latter for the reason I was searching for the former. I guess I thought of the outsde in approach instead of the reverse. I think both work, and I look forward to learning the guitar. Right now I can play sesame street and the intro to a metallica song. From tabs. I don't really want to learn tabs though, I want to work on chords. I am interested in the music, not the sound. Morgan would say that was cliche. It's not. I bought a calligraphy setup too. What a beautiful, inviting way to write. To go with the calligraphy set I bought a hand crafted Nepalese (sp?) journal. The paper is hand turned and pressed, and the cover feels like bark.

~now THAT is a writing space

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