Monday, January 27, 2003

So, I am sitting here, listening to Molly's Hatchet (soulcracker), and reflecting on blogging. I keep thinking of Rebecca Blood wanting "pure blogging" or somesuch, and Morgan telling us we are on the foreground of something here. The two ideas can't quite exist together for me, no matter how I turn them. How can Rebecca, even with her extensive knowledge of the blog, have a pure blog a priori when the field is still so wide open. I never understood same sex relationships until I watched Chasing Amy and Alyssa said she didn't want to limit love to a single sex, or she might not find true love at all. There's a reson to break from the norm, if I have ever heard one. Rebecca Blood could learn something from the View Askew boys (writer/director/producers of Chasing Amy) Blogs can come in all shapes and forms, which, I thought, was part of their appeal. It really is a what you make of it. Be that online journal, rant page, observation collections, amorous meanderings, or anything else in between or beyond. If we are on the foreground of this new medium, we make the rues for ourselves. We needn't be Blood's Paduwans simply because she was the first blog Jedi. I like some of her ideas, and I don't like some of her other ones. Maybe other people like them all and still others don't like any. Working from those starting points could very well provide equally stimulating, yet different, blogs.

A note on audience I think I may have stumbled on:

For every person out there, it is fair to assume someone else shares with them views, opinions, faiths, wit, humor, and rhetoric. Probably, with the gorwth of the internet, and the emergance of this new branch of on-lining, someone out there likes your style. If you have to work hard at your persona, maybe it is a hard persona to work with. That's fine if it is what you want. If, however, you want the "you" you would put out to your friends to shine through (assuming thatis an easier persona to work with) thn I suggest writing what you will, when you will, and how you will. I think Crystal said something similiar today on her blog.

Thank you Mackenzie for frequenting my site. Your comments on it made me smile.

~as long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think BIG-Donald Trump

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