Tuesday, January 28, 2003

There we were, Josh2, myself and Chad. We had decided, in the interest of fun, to do some video taping inside the International Mall In the sunny International Falls. After some brief skits, which were too horrible to mention here, we ventured into Menards. While in this wonderful builder's mecca, Chad and Josh2 started to argue over what, exactly, they should be recording. Josh2 was under the idea that we should just have fun, and tape things as they happened to come up. Chad thought we should make things to tape, and was busy trying to come up with ideas. I was having just enough fun watching the two of them argue (it happens form time to time, folks). As they are arguing a living, breathing example of "just have fun, and tape things as they happened to come up" happened to come up to us. "Excuse me," I heard from down by my knees, "you boys are going to have to leave, you cannot videotape inside Manards." (It is store policy--I guess they must have secret projects the Russians have been trying to steal). I turned around to say something clever to our assailant, and there was no one there. I should have looked lower (OK, I am embellishing a bit here, but c'mon, it's worth it) Standing there, staring me right in the crotch, was the first in the flesh midget (little person, dwarf, hobbit, insert PC term here). Of course, I lost any wit I had about me, and started to chuckle under my breath. As we were leaving I was struck with the absurdity of the situation: A Midget security guard (named Mark) was escorting us out of Manards for tape recording.

Stay tuned for PART II of the saga of "The short and the Tall"

~Funny things come in small packages - Emanual Lewis

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