Monday, February 03, 2003

It looks like I have not really kept up with looking at blogs outside of class. To date, I have only blogged two non-class blogs. I guess there is something to actually knowing, and being able to see, converse with, share with, the author of something you are reading. I think I would much rather this is the case, as I am a person who likes "people" and not "personas"

But, in the interest of class, I have checked out Globe of Blogs. I decided to try to find people like myself, so I filtered it by age. There were thousands of people born around 1980, so I dove in. Mostly, they were the type of page I have come to expect: rants and public diaries. One, wihch was no different in classification, caught my eye. It was bright pink, so it was hard not to look at it. I actually found I enjoyed the public journal this young lady was keeping. Like most, it was apologetic for not posting as often as she felt her readers (hmmm) deserved. It was the voice that really caught me though. Very personal, as if talking to long time friends. I did not find anything to say that is why she started it, or that was her intent, but I did enjoy the read. With no further ado: anticipate

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