Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Guitar is going well, I am still plugging away at the major chords. I think I am doing well for someone so ungifted.

Calligraphy is going a bit slower. I cannot figure out which tip I need to use for which stroke. I think I am going to find a book with different teaching methods and see if it helps.

My room is becoming a very nice living space. The addition of the waterfall and he bookshelf balance the room out nicely, and the plant adds a much needed sense of life. I think I am going to move the mini fridge and microwave into the bathroom, behind the door (away from the comode, it is a large bathroom) and put a nice bushy plant at the foot of my bed.

It seems to me that indifference is plaguing my life as of late. I read a book and had no opinion on it. That scares me. I am one opinoinated guy, which many of you can attest to. Lately, people have been saying things I know don't make a whole lot of sense, but I just don't care much anymore. Maybe I am growing weary of arguing all the damned time. Maybe I am just growing up. Maybe I am waiting to erupt.

I had a nice conversation with a guy down the hall. He is a little confused as to where his life is taking him (aren't we all, pal) but he is almost certain it should not have taken him to Bemidji. I like the town, and could see myself settling in one much like it, but I know what he is saying. The promise of the big city draws me near from time to time as well.

We also talked about God. That's the Capitol G one, not any of the other ones we could have talked about. He shares my conviction that it is far more likely God does not like us than God does like us. It puts things into perspective a bit more. I only half believe that.

I think I am becoming scared of my writing. I am full of ideas, but haven't really taken the time to commit them to the page. I need to figure out why that is, and correct it. I should be spending "days off" like this one working on some of my stories. I fear I am falling behind, and I don't know what I am falling behind of.

Well, that's today's update.

~ "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

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