Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Yup. Visited globe of blogs today. I really wasn't looking for anything, and, as the onld saying goes, found just what I was looking for. I tried a few searches by age, birthday (I am not listed under my birthday), and then location. After those all fizzled out, I decided to go randomly forth. I chose the first one on merit of title: "How to Think Like Me" I mean, that should be everyone's goal, to think like this young lady. Anyway, I knew it would be full of the sort of "inside my head garbage" I have come to expect from blogs. I was not disappointed. Her posts are of the random sort you would get in a real diary (real meaning NON internet based, usually found under a matress with a fake lock and a bow) OK, that doesn't really do her any justice, I don't think she is the fake-lock-and-a-bow type. In fact, I wanted to call her a hippie, but I am not sure she fits that mold, either. Hippies don't have cellphones, I don't think:

armed with a cell phone for the first time in an airport, i become the token annoying cell phone user... pushing past people on the moving sidewalk, gabbing away at an all-too-important call and i rush to get onto another airplane... yeah, you were eavesdropping on my conversation there before they closed the doors on the airplane....

But they do help people:

i was all too excited to whip out the cell, to aid another. giving purpose to the silliness of being cell-connected.

Anyway, she seems to have a fun sense of self (evidenced in the "unnoficial FAQ" and 101 things about keledy)

But perhaps the most fun post I saw was this one:

This warranty does not cover damage caused during shipment or by accident, fire, flood, or acts of God.

It's a header (she uses them for every post) with no text underneath. Apparently, the warranty did not replace the text for this post. Funny. (no, it is, laugh)

Next, I checked all blogs whose authors are named Josh(ua). Again, I was not on there( my author name being jpageua). Joshua Murray was. Of the other Joshuas, this one had the tagline to draw me in: under his description he put "This is where I write something cool about myself and you are intrigued enough to click on my link." It worked.

Now, it is a bit hard to read, as the text box is semi transparent and the background is a cycle of .jpgs, but I liked it nonetheless. Or more.

This post should give you a good Idea about the guy:

boy oh boy

work was slow last night. after i got off, i hung out with jamie, kate, and kristin. we had coffee and chuckled over at little city for a while. jamie hit upon the idea of trying dance dance revolution, so we cruised over to le fun and played. more accurately, he and kate played, and kristin and i watched and sometimes shook our heads. there were ddr pros there who gave our intrepid duo some tips, and after jamie realized he'd put in three or four dollars more than necessary, they danced the night away. later, kate and i played arctic thunder before we all went home. yeah. and tonight is late night at main street, so i'm concluding spring break just as i started it: drunk and depressed.

WHAT??? Sounds like he was pretty happy, yet he ends it by saying he was drunk and depressed? I am confused. A good deal of his posts are like that. It makes me want to read more, try to figure out why the guy is so down on life when he seems to be ahving such a good time. Then I remember that I don't really care, and I can move on. Maybe if he let some of his shared moments remain happy for the reader... But I don't care.

So, I was going to look at a lot more blogs, but most of the ones I went to were the run-of-the-mill diaries, that really don't say anything worth reading about. They probably have a worth much like mine: the people who know me like the blog, everyone else thinks it is just a random collection of junk and worthless news. They are both right.

"When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light - you'll never forget it."
-Carl Sagan

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