Friday, March 07, 2003


Last night I was kept up until 4 o clock by some drunks on my floor. My Gods, I am going to enjoy moving off campus, where the only drunks I will have to deal with will be my friends.

What were they doing at 4 am that would make so much noise? Well, they were stealing lounge furnature, of course. Now, I have some wierd ideas about theft. I am not wholly against it. If someone needs something that badly, I say have at it (of course, this doesn't extend to my OWN property, of course). But what, in Hell, could they possibly want with a couch from the lounge? The things are hediously ugly, hard, uncomfortable, and awkward. Then, when I went out to see what all te kubumpin was, one of them actually tried to act like they weren't doing anything wrong, and I was intruding on them.

At any rate, they drew the attention of the RA, as well as some security. I don't know how they thought they would get away with it, amking all that noise, but I have my theories.

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