Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Update III

I still like to pretend I have a readership, and that said readership wants to know how things are going in my life. So, I write updates.

Guitar is going a little slower. I was off to a fast start and have hit a wall. I need to go back to basics and learn some fingerpicking techniques before I try any more advanced songs. So far I can nail most dispatch songs, some Matchbox 20, and I am working on a couple from Phish and one from Everlast. Oh, and someone tabbed a few Beethoven works, and I like playing around with them on Jasmine.

I torqued my knee again. For those of you who don't know, I tore my MCL the summer before my tenth grade year. I opted not to have any surgery or anything, and as a result will ave a nagging reminder of my playground basketball days. Anyway, yesterday while driving to the hole I turned too sharp and got the old popping noise. Today it is filled with a bit of fluid, water I presume. Hence the term water on the knee. It doesn't hurt so bad as it sounds, but it does mean my knee feels like jello, and gives way when I step on it: randomly, for fun.

Spring Break, which for most means puking over balconies and hooking up with random people, is a time for me to catch up. I am penning away at my third foray into novel writing; a young adult book I have taken to calling Popular. I am sure, in the days to come, I will give a bit of a spoiler on it, but for now I am keeping it to myself (and the few friends who are allowed to read it, and the class I presented the first chapter to). OK, so it's not an elite club, but I can pretend.

I was chatting with Joshua Murray, of Joggua fame, about a few of lifes finer goals. I decided to take the Cartman approach and see if I could make ten million dollars, sans work. If any readers have suggestions, send them to me. The other Josh has taken up the cause, too.

Kevin Garnett is getting the national recognition he so well deserves. Check out what Bill Walton, in an article for ESPN Classics, had to say about him:
"Who would have ever thought that a high school player would come in and change everything? But here was Kevin Garnett, who came from nothing and all of a sudden has become as great a player as there is," says Hall of Famer Bill Walton on ESPN Classic's SportsCentury series.

And, even thouhg I can't find them, PTI and Around the Horn Have both Named KG the MVP.

This has very little to do with me, except I am a fanatic basketball fan, ad being from Minnesota I am blessed to watch one of the most exciting teams on a regular basis. They are slowly creeping into home court advantage, and it is all due to the broad, capable shoulders of KG.

Last, and far from least, my relationship with Carly is again picking up steam. We are without each other for a week, but have remained in contact, and though I can't show you her last email (nor would I), it almost made me cry. I cannot begin to explain how truly blessed I feel. Every time I am down she finds some way to pick me up, without trying. I can finally say I know what Love is.

~ "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."
-John Burroughs

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