Saturday, June 28, 2003

Still Here Day 2

Wow, I am bored out here. When I say out here, I mean OUT HERE, we are 5 miles form anything resembling civilization, and 20 miles fro ma real town. I am so far out in the country I am on the wrong side of the tracks twice. I didn't notice while I was working siding because I would just get home, shower, and go to sleep. Now I haven't worked in a week and, let me tell you, it sucks. Looks like I will have a job again Monday, though, so I can break this cycle.

I was going to write about the draft, sO I guess I had better say something. THIS DRAFT BLEW. Ok, so I look at only a few teams, and I don't really care about the others, but here is the run-down:
Bron went #1. Of course he did, he is a cash cow. THe problem with that is he went to Cleveland, where they alread have his position filled to the brim. Hopefully that means they will move out a top teir player for cheap. They need to, because fans will pay big to see King James. Of course, I think they will be disappointed for the first year or two, but I think he can be something special in the league.
Darko went #2. THis was a good pick. See, good big men are hard to find, and this guy is one good big man, maybe one of only two in the whole draft. He is a lot like Dirk was when he forst got here, only he can play defense. And if, for some reason, he doesn't work out, well he is still over 7 feet tall, and is a good trading chip.
The timberwolves selected another out-of-high-school-forward with the first pick. Of course, the last time they did that they got KG. Well, I doubt this guy is the next KG, but he is supposed to have skills. He beat up on Bron in the McDonalds all star game too, and that boosted his draft stock. Then, with there next pick they took Rick Ricardt (spelling?). I get this move: hometown hero makes good and all. But he is a forward as well. Lets take a loook at our roster now: KG and Joe SMith start at forwards, then we have Big Jack coming off the bench, now we add The Nigerian highschool phenom (can't spell his name, won't try) and Rick. Someone has to go. I am hoping the trade rumors, and my own fears, aren't true: KG is on his way out. We had better sign him soon or Minnesota can kiss all its fans good-bye.
Washington picked up a couple more guards. They are like Minnesota with forwards: they have too damned many, and too young. Now they have 5 guards with less than two years experience. Is Tyronn Lue supposed to be the veteren leader?

There, I got the Basketball out of my system for the day. I think today I am going to go visit Roger. I am also thinking about doing something drastic for Carly. I don't go in for the whole promise ring thing ( our dating is a promise, we both know we will get married) but I want to do something for her that lets her know she is it for me, no one else, ever. I was actually thinking of a tattoo. She knows how I feel about tattoos for girls, and I think I know what she feels about them, but it really does prove a lot to do it, and it will keep the other girls at bay. It builds in a good get-rid-of-girls quick. I haven't got a tattoo since I was 16, so I don't know. I am still thinking about it.

-"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."
-Henry Drummond

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