Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Update V 4.1

O.K., no matter how negligent I was, people still popped in here to read my ramblings. Now I feel obligated (and I am bored anyway) to give them something. I am not sure how long it has been exactly since I decided to throw something out there for you, reader, so I will just make a massive update.

I missed a 4.0 by one class, again. When will these profs learn that I deserve all As. My logic is simple: if Five of them give me As and one gives me a B, then, according to the law of averages, the fault is not my own, but rather the Proffessor who strayed from the norm. Anyway, for the amount of work I avoid, I shouldn't complain about one B. It was agood semester. It was also my last semester in the dorms. I am sure I wrote about it, but Carly and I found a cute little cabin on the lake for next year. It should be a good time. She already bought a Kick-Ass TV, I and Ijust got a kick ass stereo. Now all we need is a couch to complete our kick ass living room. Oh, and a plan as to where we are going to put everything (the place is small). Details, details. One other big change happened too: Chad and Andrew graduated, drastically reducing the number of people I occasionally hang out with. I will miss Chad, we played ball together, and since he is left handed he has a very wierd style, on and off the court. Andrew, on the other hand, well, I have always had mixed feelings.

As you just read, Carly and I are taking the big step. Not THE big step, like so many of my friends around me, but a big step nonetheless. I only made it up to see her once so far, but that shoud change now that she has thursday and friday off. With both of us working, and all the weddings and fishing tourneys she went to, there wasn't a lot of time to get up there. Things have calmed down a bit, and we both have cars.
I had a little squabble with her on the phone the other day. See, I am a jealous guy, really jealous. And I should be. She is amazing, and I am nervous about how I stack up. WEll, she went out for her 21st Birhtday, and I couldn't be there. She told me she got hit on, a lot, and one guy was some bigshot hockey player and she got her picture taken with him. It is harmless, and I since have recognized that (and told her I was sorry for overreacting) but it set me off anyway. I am so worried that she will find a better fit out there, and I will be left holding the bag. Anyway, she puts my fears to rest 99 percent of the time. But, I am still flawed.

I decided not to go back to camp, for personal as well as political reasons. Camp Philips gave me a lot, but I needed to move on. I miss it, but I think I would have hated it had I been there. So what did I decide to do this summer? Siding! Actually, it is a cool job. I am outside, doing manual labore (which strangly I love) and getting good pay. When I get paid. See, I have never had a job where the paychecks didn't come at regular intervals. When I hit three weeks without getting dime one, I quit. I liked the people, except for one, and I liked the boss, and the job itself, but not getting paid is a joke. If I wanted to build houses for free i would work for Habitat For Humanity. So now I am unemployed, but I can't stay that way for long. It has only been a few days and I am already going crazy. I put in a few applications yesterday, and I am going out looking again today. I should be able to report a job by Friday.

So I had this big plan to spend the summer at my mom's house and get to know her better. Well, that's a big bust now. Heather, my sister, is home (again), so the house is a bit too full, and everyone just kind of avoids each other. Plus, mom and I can't have a debate about anything without her thinking I am attacking her or making her feel stupid, and the menopause is at it's alltime high (or at least she has a good excuse for acting the way she does, in her mind). Clint and I are the only ones getting along right now, and everyone else seems to resent it. Clint and mom are taking a vacation soon, that should help. And I am pushing heather to get a job. She hates it when I do tha,t but she is 26 for shits sake, it is time she act responsible. She can't keep running back to mom, and I fI were her mother I wouldn't let her. Thank the gods I am not. Anyway, it is boring out here, and I find myself doing little or nothing when I am not working. Roger lives close, and I went and saw Mike this weekend, sop I have friends around to hang out with and keep me out of the house. I need a job though.

Overall, I still like my decision to stay home instead of going to camp. Carly and I are in more contact, if not personally. We have emailed each other just about everyday, we talk on the phone a good deal, and we can see each other without too many scheduling conflicts. Mom and I can coexist because we stay out of each other's hair, and Heather will do what Heather will do. I wish I had more to do out here, but I don't, and I am the only one who can fix that. I also wish I had more ambition to write, but boredom has helped that of late. I still need to plan a trip- up to camp, to say hi (in true excamp tradition), and I need to get something fun going for the end of the year with Carly. And I need to buy a couch.

I will write more, I think. Again, boredom will keep this site active, if nothing else does. Keep checking in, and I will keep sending more out. My next piece should be about how pathetic the NBA finals were. But the draft is tomorrow, too. Let's see how that turns out.

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