Friday, July 18, 2003

A weekend with Mike

Well blogfans, I haven't written as much as I should like to, but I am at least writing a little, so get off my back. THis week, after spending last weekend with Carly (OK I should tell that story first)

Carly and I spent my birthday looking for furniture for our new place. We ended up getting some great deals at Ashley Furniture in Northbranch. We picked out two loveseats, a slate top coffee table and TV stand, and an awesome smoked glass dining room set. We will end up paying around 1600, and they are going to deliver and set it up. WOW. Then we all got to hang out, which was nice, because we don't do a lot of couple things. We played video games and board games, and I just have to say Battle of the Sexes was made by a female.

We went looking for a car for Carly the next day, but it looks like things are going to work out with the one she has now, so life, as always, remains good.

This weekend, I went up to visit Mike. He is, as you probably know, my best friend. He just got married not too long ago, but they are going to have the ceremony some other time. His wife's name is precious, which is a little hard to get over, but they are happy, so I am as well. Anyway, we played raquetball yesterday with his CO, and that guy womped me. I hadn't been on the court since sometime in April, but even at my best I could probably only steal a set form him. He is really good. Mike, on the other hand, is not so good. H etook me in 5 yesterday, but today, after som erest and rust off, I took him in straight sets. He is a natural athelete, and has great stamina, and if he plays long he will get better than me, but for now I have experience on him. It was fun.

Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, then probalby hit the pool, and I am sure he will want to go out drinking. I have to take it easy on that though, I am trying to keep my body in good shape for Carly (and for myself) and drinking doesn't help that.

Anyway, Murray, if you read this at all, email me. I want to hang out up there next weekend. It is the end of the summer, and I hate my mom's house ;)

More to come, readers.

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