Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My last post was July 18th, my Gods. Sadly, not much has happened since then. Well I moved in with Josh for a Month before Ig et to move in with Carly for life. There's some big news. So far we have basically just hung out and done as little as possible. Hopefully when Spike gets here we can get a regular schedule of gaming and hanging out going. We will see

Car and I got the furniture downpayment done with, so as soon as I get the cash from school we are picking it up. That is so adult, I feel all grow-ed up. I think we have a wedding to go to soon, too.

I talked with my buddy Kate last night for quite some time. It is nice to say hi to someone you haven't heard from in awhile. SHe says she is coming to visit, but we all know how that goes. Out of area riends will always say that, and then poof.

Speaking of old friends, Tara wants to play basketball with me this weekend. I am not sure how I feel about that. See, she is an ex. Anyway, basketball doesn't hurt anything. Just so long as she knows it is just basketball. We will see.

That's a good little update for now, I don't really feel like writing much. Later bloggers

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