Tuesday, August 26, 2003

No news is good news

It is a wonder people visit this site at all, the way I neglect it. Were it a plant, it would have long since voyaged to plant heaven. Oh well, it's not a plant, people, it's a blog.

Well, here's the new news on the front: Josh bought a punching bag, and we havea good time with that. The other day I punched it so hard it sheered the nut holding it and broke from the chain. I wish I would have had a camera man there, no one will believe it. Josh, as it happens, is lightning quick. If he were my weight he could probably take me in a boxing match. Luckily, I am about 30 lbs heavier. That makes me a cruiser weight. He is a super-welther. Anyway, my knuckles have taken some damage, but all-in-all it has been a good time. Now I think we are joining Tai-Chi-Chih and I am starting Judo again as soon as school starts. Ah school....

I am all ready to go. It has been a long summer, and I look forward to some normalcy. Not that my school life is normal, but at least it is familiar. And I will have a job again (no more being a bum). I am trying to figure out how to drop my night class and still get enough 3000 level classes to graduate, without cramming an extra one in next semester. It's on a Tuesday, and that's one of the two days Judo meets. That's my luck, though. At least I will get to come home everyday from school and see Carly

We are going strong. It has, for some time, been a personal record for me in terms of length, level of commitment, and any other measurable relationship-type statistic. La Rouchafouculd was right, after all. We are moving in to our new place sometime this week. Then, when all goes right, the new furniture will be two short weeks behind us. Except for the table and baker's rack; we found a better deal. Much better, actually (350 dollars better). Of course, we have a budget we are trying to stick to as well. See, I have a crazy desire to get as much in the bank as I can. A couple living together costs more money than two single people hanging out, and I want to be prepared for that. And the big "M" is not too distant. Better to have money just in case. Then we have to start our "real" lives after graduation...I had better stop before I lose it (again).

I got into a fantasy league for football. Hopefully the gang will all want to start one up, too. My team isn't too bad, but it all hinges on the Play of Daunte Culpepper. Of course, I think this is his year, or I wouldn't have drafted him, but we will see. Last year, it turns out, he was third amongst QBs in fantasy scoring (according to the system my league uses, so don't send comments, folks). If he cuts down on the turnovers he will be a fantasy stud yet again. And my BOLD prediction is the Vikings, with their improved lines, will have a winning season. Yup, over .500. And with the way our division is (detriot and chicago hardly being factors) we could be on easy street for the playoffs. I look for more from Moss than he has shown this preseason, although last game he caught two TDs. And Onterrio Smith is going to break out this year, barring a full and swift recovery of Bennett (I hope for the latter, of course, but think the former is far more possible)

And as long as we are talking sports, the Timberwolves can't stop impressing me. They didn't get Juwan Howard. Instead, they picked up Latrell Sprewell. You just have to love how much more defensive minded this team can become. And Spree gives them a 2 3 4 option. I think he can even play 1 in some situations (he's had to do it before for the knicks). I think this makes Minnesota a very hard combo. Kandi at the 5, KG and Spree at the 3-4, that can move Wally to a 2-3, and troy can play 2-1, with sam cassell at the 1. And for depth we have a good defender in Madsen and an underrated guard in Penney. Of course, the line-up can go small to give the big guys rest, or go big (ervin, KG, spree, madsen, Kandi) and overpower. That's how the West will be won.

And of course, a big nod to the US Qualifying team. The olympics look hopeful again. And the big suprise is Iverson. One night he dishes and draws defense, the next night he hits 7 treys in a quarter. The guy is really becoming a team leader, and playing unselfish ball. Maybe, if he had more help in philly, we could see this level of help-basketball night in and night out. Of course, he doesn't, so we can't.

Look for the Washington Wizards to make some noise this year. If Arenas gets on the same page as Stackhouse, they have as good a tandem as any team in the East. And they have something most Eastern teams don't have: Big men. One more year for Kwame Brown to mature is just what the doctor ordered. he looked really good at the start of last season, and with some conditioning could be a dominating force (in the East). The same holds true for Brendan Haywood. The guy has the size and mobility, he just needs the moves. We will see more from the both of them soon.

And as long as it's a league wide round robin, I want to touch on the Chicago Bulls. It has been a long time since they have had any hope, but that core of young talent is pretty OK by my standards. Curry and Chandler pose a lot of the same issues as Kwame and Haywood. With the return of some veteran leadership (Gill and Pippen) and some of the other guys playing well- Rose, Crawford and Marshall - this team is one to look forward to watching. And I do.

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