Monday, September 08, 2003

A Weak Week

First week of school, and nothing is going on. My classes are all pretty cool, though I have some reservations about my practicum. As it turns out, my Major--Creative and Professional Writing--is fast becoming the mass comm major of the new century. Thatt is to say, it is taken by slackers and idiots who don't know what else to major in. As a result, I am surrounded by the type of mororns who beg to be thrown off a mountain side (by me, of course). I am not saying everyone in that class is of this stripe, just the large majority. At any rate, I feel it is my duty (along with the duty of the OTHER Josh) to do what I can to rectify the world of poetry. I am gla dto report, on that front, that Dr. Gurney agrees. Though he may have an accent he didn't lawfully acquire, I find myself liking him and his class. He actually makes Victorian Literature interesting. I have to admit, however, that his high register speeck is a little hard to follow. It is, I am certain, a more accurate and meaningful use of the language than most people (myself included) can muster.

The cabin is nice. We want for nothing accept some fun now and again. The dorms offered us more things to do in to keep our minds off our boredom. We bought a volleyball net and have been playing that off and on, and I run, and we have cable. All in all not a bad package, but we are still waiting for internet. It is not, at this point, a matter of survival, as we have internet at school and both our jobs, but it would be nice to pop on and zone out. You know how it is.

Sunday brought a good football game. It could have been gret, with the VIkings beating the packers 27-3 through three, but we let them get back in it, and ended up only winning 30-25. Still not abad show considering the stats. We are 1-8 in our last 9 at Lambeau; We haven't won an outdoor game in two years. Brett Favre has the most Fourth waurter comebacks of any active QB, 6 against us. Even still, we got the W. And Randy Moss went for 150 and a Touch. Not bad guys. Nest we play the ailing bears. I predict a 15 point win. Give me three, either way.

This Friday we get our checks from Financial Aid. That means we get to pick up our couches and some other small things we need for the house, and the rest of the money gets to go to the bank. We are starting a joint account, which is nice. Both of us need to learn how to NOT spend money, but I have to say we are making leaps and bounds. It's hard right now, because we both work for school and as such don't have paychecks yet, but things will go easier on us when we have some scratch in the bank and money coming in. Then it is caviar and truffles baby. Actually, more like latte and pizza, but to each their own.

Basketball needs to start soon, I am jonesing for a fix. I was dribbling in my sleep again.

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