Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Jordan's back, again(again)

Hot off the rumor wire..Michael Jordan might play basketball again: FOR THE LAKERS.

This is the scenario: With Kobe pending a rape trial, and coming off a horrible knee surgery, he may not be able to play for a good portion of the season. Phil Jackson has been quoted as saying he would call Jordan if Kobe could not play. Since Jordan fits Kobe's roelr perfectly (in fact, he invented it) and knows the triangle offense so well, and since he would have a better supporting cast (Shaq, Payton, Malone-of which he played with on the dream team) he would be a productive member of the team. Also, it would be the first time an NBA team had so many legitimate all-stars, and future hall of famers since the Celtic dynasty.

When I have more time( and have thought it through more) I will comment on what this means to myself and other Jordan fans around the league, as well as the impact it has on Basketball and Jordan's now changing legacy.

Stay tuned

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