Friday, October 03, 2003

Just not sure anymore

Howdy, all you blog fans (and by that I mean Jeremy, Josh, Carly and anyone who accidentally finds the site while looking for NBA.com). I have so much to report, I don't even know where to start.

Well, here goes, anyway. Carly and I moved out of the cabin and into a house with Josh and Val. Not a bed set-up, and the rent is about the same. We get a basement, too. That means I get to punch things, horray for me. And I have a good space to work out, whenever my bench arrives. Speaking of arriving, we got our furniture. It is amazing, and comfortable, and looks all grown up. Since then, people have been coming in and commenting on how nice our house looks. It certainly is a step up from the antiquated furniture that used to live in the house. Remarkably, that furniture has disappeared. If anyone has leads as to the whereabouts of said furniture, please, keep it to yourself.

The vikings are 4-0. That's right folks, they beat the packers, the lions, the bears, and the 49ers. Add the Falcons to that this weekend, and that's a quick 5-0. My prediction:
Vikings 38-Falcons 10
Sounds harsh, so let me break it down...
Moss will get two TDs
Burleson will get one
Kleinsasser will get one
and Moe moe will see one as well.
They will stop a drive at short red zone yardage, and we will boot one in.
For the Falcons:
T.J. Duckett will see a touch, and they will get a Field goal. I might want to add another field goal, but I won't.
Let's see how close I come. Maybe this will finally get me writing for NFL.com
At any rate, I can't say enough for the viking's linemen, on both sides of the ball. Our O line is giving either QB (frerotte or daunte) enough time to make good choices, and clearing the way for our running back by committee. I wonder how everything will look when Bennett makes a return. I would like to see a couple more weeks of committee, just to get things straightened out. We will see. On D, I think we have 7 ints. That's just sick. Good, fast pass rush, and a veteran leader, and we are one of the top ten defences in the league (we were the bottom ten last year). All that spells deep play-offs. Though it is still along run to the superbowl, I am starting to think it might be this year. Again, we will see. Lots of game time left to hash out.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for...
WE RESIGNED KG. That's right, wolfpack, we have the big ticket for five more years. I hate to say it, but the lakers seem to be on the right track this year, saying they are going to take everything through the now healthy shaq. But, if someone else draws them in the first round, our losing streak is over. Plain and simple. If someone else knocks them out, then we are the champions. That's a lot to say, but I really believe it. We have an improved defense, and an amazing offense. Franchise record wins is a certainty this year.

School, which started out strong, is already fading fast for me. The classes seem to be too much routine and not enough challenge, so I have stopped going to a few of them. Of course, I can't keep that up, but a brief respite is all I think I need. I pop in to say hi, and make sure the Prof still knows I exist, then I take a day or two off. Nothing big, but it keeps me happy. I have yet to miss practicum. That, in and of itself, is a testiment to the dedication I have to proving Cobb wrong.

That's it for now, I think. I have a ton more to say, but I want to say it later, so it looks like I am writing more. I think I am going to figure out a way to get more people here, or else start a new blog which is dedicated to sports. Maybe both. We will see. We will see.

Oh, and Josh...

There, that's my qoute of the week.

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