Thursday, March 11, 2004

Exercise and Steady Diet

I have decided to start a sport themed blog as soon as the playoffs start in the NBA. Since NBA is, by far, the best league in all of sports, this makes sense. Also, I will write about Football and maybe baseball too, if anything fun happens. The site will go on Josh's site

In addition, and much like TMQ, I will probably add tidbits of other news, as well as some personal items (very, very few). Seriously, the last thing the blog world needs is one more personal blog. Not that a sports blog is too far behind. At any rate, it will give me a chance to rant about Minnesota sports programs, and someone will read it, I am sure.

With all that in mind, I have today's topic: Subtraction by Addition

Flip Saunders has a problem on his hands: he has too much talent. It's the same problem Donn Nelson has, except Flip didn't do it on purpose. In fact, up until recently, the problem was his bench was too shallow. Now, with the return of Kandi, Troy and World, there is an overabundance of talent, and worse, shooters. Doesn't sound like a problem, does it?
Well, up until two weeks ago three people scored about 70% of the points, and we had the best record of our franchise. Now? We have lost 5 of the last 10. Why? Flip hasn't shortened his rotation, that's why. Normally, by this time of the season, a coach is down to 8-10 guys, and is working on getting it to a strict 8. The problem for Flip is who goes and who stays. Hassel is a needed defensive stopper, troy is our three point shooter now, but Hoiberg still shoots over 60% from beyond the arc. Kandi gets spelled by Madsen, but Trent was playing so well. Can we play a small lineup and win? How about a big one? What happened to the O Zone? See?
As a result, we are going to drop a few games, and in a tight race, that's a tough spot to be in. We have two games coming up, Lakers then Portland again. Portland spanked us last night, 90-75. I suspect we will see a shorter rotation, with only Troy, World, and Mad Dog coming off the bench.


62: that's how many points T Mac threw down. He shot 20-37. He missed 9 free throws. In over a decade no one has hit 60 or more. Now think about Wilt: 100 points. It won't ever be touched. Ever. Drugs are a big problem in sports and the media today. Why, then, was Damon Stoudimire looked down upon for taking a random drug test to prove he is finally clean, in front of the media? The man is standing up and being held accountable, and they are worried about a collective bargaining aggreement? You don't have to look any farther than the NHL itself for who is to blame in the Bartuzzi incedent. Here is a sport that allows fist fights, and seems to encourage them. Many fans come just for the fights. Now, a guy hurts another, paralyzes him, and they want to get upset. He is wrong, but they allowed it to happen.

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