Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Watch out, America! The Lakers are coming back, playing hard, and finishing strong (all the tired stuff we've heard from them before). They just moved up to #3, and are set, if the season ended today, to face the grizzlies. Incidentally, the Grizz own the season series with the Lakers, as well. In fact, Memphis seems to own just about all the west's power players, which makes some people nervy. Not me though: I think the Lakers would take them in a series, now that they have the fab four healthy again. It seems to me the lithe Stomile Swift matches up against Shaq as well as I do. 6-9 230 just won't cut it, big fella. If ZenPhil is smart enough to get it to the bigs, Lakers win this one easy.

In other news, the T Wolves dropped another one to Portland. They make us play poorly by defending the pick and roll (our bread and butter play) and running low post pressure at KG. It's not a tough formula, but it has worked for them this year. Luckily for us, Portland doesn't have a chance of getting into the playoffs. Savior your victories over us in May, guys.

Kobe scored all but one of him almost 40 points in the second half; over 20 in the fourth. He is the kind of finisher the lakers need to win, so why all the talk about leaving. It's rare to see two such dominant players (Shaq and Kobe) Swallow the pride and learn to play together. Dynasty is a rare word, fellas. Scottie Pippen may be done. Let's hope he doesn't continue in Jordan's shadow, and stage a comeback. 6 rings is amazing, 17 years is astonishing. Hang it up and enjoy. Vin Baker has a new team, and a new lease on life. Let's hope this is the real deal: he is such a talent it is a shame to watch him waste himself.
Though I want as little of my life posted on here as possible, something too big not to share has come up: I am engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. Like a child who could not wait to tell a secret, I proposed to her as soon as I had the ring in my hands. She said yes, and made me the happiest man in the world. All the basketball, all the sports, all my life, wouldn't mean anything without her.

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