Tuesday, March 23, 2004


No, that wasn't a reference to last years blogs and wikis class, or a shout out to the Robert-Horry-Lookalike winner, Will Smith. Nope. The Western conference has been getting some serious heat from the East, and things are going to get wild. Not only are some reporters saying the East Can challenge, some are going so far as to call the Western teams out. Damned cub reporters.
Seriously guys, who in the East can stand up to the western powerhouses? Detroit can play good D, that's true. Can they play it for seven games, and score enough to make it worth anything? What about Indiana? Seems like they are more balanced, with Ron Artest anchoring the D and Jermaine O'Neal powering the paint. Oh yeah, and Reggie can still hit a three, I hear. Oh, wait, O'Neal is beat up with injury, reggie is older than bell bottoms, and Artest thinks he can score, too.
Meanwhile, the west has four legitimate title contenders. The Kings, Spurs, Lakers and TImberwolves all have what it takes to win: a balanced attack and a few really good scorers. You will notice I left the Mavs out. The only thing balanced in Dallas is Mark Cuban's tuppee. Maybe it's a combover, and he just let it grow really long.

TimberWolves Big Week

Tonight's game is against San Antonio. They lead the season series 2-1, and trail for first by only 2 games. That makes this the game of the week. If we win, we go up three with 11 left, even the series, and start a hell week on a good note. If we lose, well, that sucks. Seriously, at home, in a big game, I think we will pull it off. Look for Spree to have a big second half, as Bowen will draw off him after a poor first half performance. Also, Duncan will win the head to head if we win the game. When KG gets dominated by Duncan for three quarters, he throws together some late night magic and wins the game for us.
Then Denver again. Should be a 4-0 year for us, but we are playing a Mile up. I think we have their number by now, going 3-0 thusfar, but stranger things can happen. Melo has had the heat on him, so look for him to try and control the game. With Hassel on him, though, that becomes tough, and we can win the game. Lenard will have a big night behind the arc, though. Closer game then last time, to be sure.
Next comes LA. Usually I would be worried about this matchup. But the way the Lakers have been playing it close against poor teams, all we need to do is come out of the lockerroom (both times) scoring, and we can put them away. Kobe is still hurt, but he should have a good night. Hassel is our guy, but Kobe is a bit too fast for him. Shaq has been on a tear as of late, but we have a committee to throw at him that should work. I like hack-a-Shaq, it works.
We end the week with the Clippers. This one does scare me. These guys have a knack for playing well against us. They have inside out scorers, and Elton brand is a big enough body to clog up the lane. If we win, it will be because Sam cassell keeps the mid range game open, which will free up KG in the post, as Brand comes out on the show.
There you have it, we could very well go 4-0 this week, but I see it more of a 3-1 week. Still, just what the doctor ordered down the stretch.

Last but not Least
Nice to see Kandi taking to his roll off the bench. The guy just isn't in shape, as a knee surgery will do, and Flip had to make a tough decision. Also, it doesn't seem odd to me that our little win streak coincides with Hudson being on the bench. We may want his scoring, but we need Cassell out their being a floor general. He dictates the pace of both teams, something Hudson cannot do, and can play grind it out B Ball.

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