Sunday, July 31, 2005


The 100 mile bike trip is scheduled for Labor day weekend. So far, four of us are commited to trying it. We have a nice cabin set up for arrival, and I am looking forward to spending the time with my friends, on the road and off.

Today I rode 45 miles. My average speed was about 15 and a half miles per hour. That's not bad, but I think I could have done better. It was hilly, and I wasn;t prepared for that, and I had a nasty headwind cropping up from time to time. ALl in all, I feel fine, and I think I cound easily have done another 50 today. I would have, too, but I already arranged the ride home, and I had the cell phone, so I couldn't call it off.

This week we will be riding 25 miles a day, give or take, to try to get in better cycling shape. I will try for a turnaround trip of 35 next weekend(that's 70, total for the trip, and 195 for the week).

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