Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Now, I am not one to get down on America, or society in general. I think we have a pretty good thing going here. But, I would like to point out what could be one of the signs of the apocalypse, or at very least, a disturbing trend in American culture.

Not boy bands.

Not Celebrity Fit Club.

Chicken Fries.

That's right, Chicken fries. That's a strip of chicken, battered and deep fried, and then put in a convenient fry box. Say it outloud: Chicken fries.

I also don't claim to be the most fit person in the world. I am surely not this fit. But, in my defense I am not that gay, either. Did you see that guy, he's VERY happy to be on that bench. But I can honestly say, I have never had the desire to grab a "quick snack" of fried chicken fat. this guy has, but he seems happy enough.

But what self-respecting person would want these things? Seriously, I need to know. I am having nightmares of these things making their way into my mouth while I sleep, clogging up my arteries, and introducing a flat-tax system. They have to be stopped.

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