Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Lance Armstrong was today, in the first of the serious mountain climbs.

It looked from the beginning that he had something to prove, after two days of neysayers spouting off at the mouth about "he is too old, he is too fragile, his team is out of synch." Well, they will all be quiet today, having to chew all the crow they must now eat.

Lance let the first break-aways go, calmly knowing they weren't serious riders. He stayed with the peleton, watching from the middle at first, sizing up the competition. Then he, along with his team, started to lead. They pushed the pace up the first climb. Riders started falling out the back. Still they pushed, and more riders fell. Voigt, the yellow jersey, fell back. Then Ulrich, then Basso. In the end, it was just four riders, Lance amongst them. Rasmussen was the only big name, and Lance knew he had taken the malliot juine back, and taken time over his rivals. He let Rasmussen, the king of the mountain contender, take the stage, congratulation him as they finished one and two, posting the same time. Lance is now back in yellow.

But more importantly, he has time on ALL of the people thought to be challenging him for his last ride. More importantly his team looked great, and his legs looked better, and he sent a message:

I may be old, and I may be gassed, but I still have enough to win. Again.

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