Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sports moment

Now, I need to preface this by saying I don't really even like baseball. I think it is terribly boring, and I think it is too individual, and I think it is too full of scandal to really get behind now. All the endorsement and praise has not fully recovered the sport from the disaster of the strike.

That being said, the Home Run Derby last night was special. Bobby Abreu was the lead off hitter, and set the pace with 24 home runs in the first round. That beats the last best by 7 runs. The crowd was nuts. I mean, every time he hit one everyone just KNEW it was going over the wall. The kids picked to shag balls in the field just sat with their hands on their knees, because they had no chance of snagging one of these historic balls. He injected some life into a dull competition, and an even duller sport. It was incredible.

Then, he barely made it through round two, scoring only 6 more. It looked like he was out of gas. It looked like after that impressive hitting display, he wouldn't even win.

But he did, and in style, hitting 11 more in the final round to set a new record for the competition: 41 home runs.

It is good to see the sport get some life. I really think the stars of today are starting to shine through the clouds of the past. I hope, for their sake, this happens. No matter home much I dislike the sport, it still has a certain tie with Americana, and we should never let that die.

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