Friday, July 08, 2005

Tour de France

Every year, I get the cycling fever when I watch the tour de france. Maybe it is the fact that I could not possibly attempt what these people do that makes it so interesting. I ride bike, and I like it. A lot. But I could not ride over 100 miles in a day, much less in hours. My top speed, on my mountain bike, was recorded by the bike computer at 33.7. That is just about the average on tour this year. I did that downhill, pumping my legs the whole way.

And in no small way does Lance Armstrong make a difference. Something about the best guy in a foreign sport being American tugs at my heart strings. It reminds me that, while our sports are becoming global, we are not losing any ground. We are gaining acceptance in foreign markets as well.

I will blog more about this, and edit this post, but for now, I just feel good writing again. Thanks bink, for making me.


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