Saturday, July 09, 2005


Sometimes, for no reason, I get the urge to push myself and my body to the limits. Now, I am not superhuman, or in good (or bad) shape. I am just a normal guy, six foot, 190 pounds, 14% body fat. Pretty normal. SO pushing the limits usually means something just outside pedestrian.

This time? Yeah, that meant rollerblading around the lake in town. Just over 18 miles of rollerblading.

I knew I couldn't go alone, not only because that would be a bit boring, but in case something should happen, it would be nice to have the help. Heaven forbid I should need a big mac, and not be able to move. A friend would have to go get one for me. See the dilemma? Anyway, I convinced Sean to bike beside me as I bladed, and we headed out.

Everything was ok for about 5-7 miles, and I felt really good. Then we hit the head wind, and a slight grade, and I felt I was going to die. I didn't. Instead, in just under two hours we completed the journey. For those of you math majors out there, that's about 9 miles an hour. Not bad for the first try.

So what's next? A one hundred mile bike trip in one day. That shouldn't be so rough, but then we will have to turn around and do it again. Ouch.

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