Saturday, August 13, 2005


I will say this, right off the bat: my Dawes lightning DLX is the match of any LBS bike by trek, cannondale, or specialized, in the under 700 group.

Today we went on an 83 mile bike trip through three counties. I had two friends with me, one of whom has a specialized allez. The component group was the same, and the bike seemed to weigh the same, so we just decided they were about the same. Again, my price, 330. His, 700.

I had no trouble setting the pace for the whole group, and spent most my time out front. I am very pleased with this bike.

The trip itself turned out to be a bit two sided. The way there was great, and the trails, although not fully groomed, were pretty nice. Good open tar, rolling hills, plenty of scenery. I enjoyed it, and so did my two friends.

The way back, though, was hell. One of my friends starting dropping out the back, so we had to keep slowing down for him (which KILLS the muscles) and then the wind just starting gusting right in our faces. That slowed us down considerably, but worse, it ruined morale. The sun wasn't shining, the wind was beating us back, and then is started to drizzle. Soggy and windy is a hell of a one-two punch.

I feel good. 83 is a hell of a lot of miles to bike, and we did it without complaint. (I am complaining now, but such is life). I feel like, with a bit better weather, we could have done the 100 mile trip today. We still have a month to go.

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