Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Bemidji, she is a stupid stupid town. I have nothing to do today, and it is raining. THis means I cannot ride my bike, which makes me even more bored. I have about 300 channels, but nothing is on during the day. Computer games are all the same. Carly is at work.

I have been riding again, after my 83 mile exodus. The first day my legs were, as expected, a bit sore, and reluctant to move at all. But I coaxed them into a nice 20 mile ride, and have done so for the last three days. 20 miles seems a bit pedestrian now, so I am going to bump it to 25 by taking the road up to Wal-Mart and back before heading home.

I will be going 80 miles again this weekend, alone, to see if I can go without stopping. The trip will be one hundred, and everyone is debating how many stops we should have. I think two is appropriate: one at Walker and one halfway between walker and brainard. Mike thinks one, 50 miles in. I think TJ would opt for none.

I think the reason I was able to stay in the lead the whole time was I was better rested, and better fed. I munched on powerbars the way there and back, and I took the time off the bike to stretch and massage, instead of sit and mope. Maybe TJ can go 100 miles non-stop, and maybe I could too. Mike, though, struggled his way in from the last 20, because he was going too fast and not in rythme, and refused the powerbars offered him. Two 50 mile stretches of road would not be good for him.

Because the real test here comes on day two, when we saddle up and ride BACK 100 miles. And dammit, I don't want everyone pussing out on it and taking a car ride back, and me riding alone for 6 hours.

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