Monday, August 22, 2005

Enough already

Ok, I am DONE with Cindy Sheehan. That's right, I said it. Everyone is getting behind her "cause" and using it as another excuse to bash President Bush.

First, let me say I don;t agree with over half the shit Bush pulls. But I think the Media has created an image of our President that is unfair and untrue. He is not some lazy, war mongering, country boob. He is intelligent, quite compassionate, and DAMMIT he is OUR president.

What Mrs. Sheehan has done is put Bush in an indefensible position. If he does nothing, he looks like an uncaring oaf. If he addresses her comments in the public, he looks like he is attacking a hero and ducking a concerned mother.

But what if he talks to her? Obviously (given the "war is not the answer T shirts she wears) the two of them do not agree on the agenda or significance of this war. Nor do they agree on the position of the military. So what are they going to talk about? She wants answers he cannot give, and an apology he may or may not mean. And she wants him to admit he is wrong. Whether he is wrong or not doesn't matter, of course, because he cannot admit to being wrong in the middle of a fucking war.

Just the fact that she has Michael Moore on her side should be the legal equivalent of hiring Johnny Cochrane; you know you are wrong, but you need the press. Beyond that, this woman has had a political agenda FAR longer than her son has been dead, and even longer than he has been serving in the military. But now she is USING her son's death to gain press and make someone she doesn't like look bad.

I say using her son's death, not because I think she doesn't mourn, but because she has turned an all too private moment of tragedy into a public spectacle. Further, her son may not have wanted it this way. He is, after all, a soldier. He signed up knowing full well the potential consequences of his actions, and believed enough in what he was doing to sign up. It is a fucking harsh thing, but dammit, sometimes people die in war. Good people, bad people, and every damned person in between.

We honor their deaths by staying the course they believed in, not whoring their memories for airtime and public brow beating.

Cindy Sheehan, you make me sick.

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