Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Is being accused of doping, again. Again, it is by L'equipe, a french paper that has villified Armstrong since the begining. Once again, I have my doubts. I will start by saying this in no way means I think Lance did or didn't dope. It is just saying that the "evidence" collected is suspect, at best.

The laboratory that held these samples, and suqsequently tested them 7 years after being submitted, has stated that there is no way the urine samples can be linked to any rider. That's the lab that did the tests, mind you.

L'equipe says NON NON! We CAN link it to a rider, and that rider is LANCE ARMSTRONG. (Pause for dramatic music) Here, take a look at these PHOTOCOPIED reports, and then compare them to these other PHOTOCOPIED lab results, and finnaly, to these PHOTOCOPIED documents with lances name on them.

Josh Murray once used a computer to put himself on the Rosie O Donnell show. I think he was at the Nazi trials, too. A photocopier makes it even easier. A scissor and a gluestick can make any document say anything you want.

Raisins Aigres?, maybe. But Until we have some proof, sumbitted by a reputable source, we can only take what facts we DO have. Lance has been tested more than ANY OTHER professional cyclist, possibly more than any other athlete (though I doubt it, with the olympic testing policies) and has never failed a test.


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