Saturday, August 20, 2005


Today I went to walker and back, solo.

The trip there was awesome. I wanted to get a good read on my ACTAUL time, so I didn;t let the bike over 30 on the downhills. The way there I averaged just over 21mph. The way back went well, again, until the last 17 miles. I had just better get used to the wind always coming from bemidji, and coming hard. Today recorded gusts of 25mph. I came in at 18.5 mph, so that should show you what fatigue and wind do together.

Still, with the new MP3 player, it wasn't that bad of a ride. The sun spent enough time out to add to my tan lines around my biceps and wrists.

The new shorts were great. I can sit down without groaning, so that's a plus.

The new goal is to make this trip at 20mph. I really AM going to have to go solo for that to happen, I am just not good enough to match someone else's cadence.

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