Wednesday, August 10, 2005

T.O. (totally obnoxious)

This it what's wrong with sports right now. Both sides need to be forced to honor contracts they sign, like the rest of the world does.

Is Terrell Owens worth more money? Yes. The performance he gave int eh playoffs, on one leg, was one of the gut performances of all time. 122 yards from a gimp is no small matter.

But he signed a contract. His contract does not reflect what other top recievers are making, but he signed it. No one put a gun to his head, and he had the option of not signing it. But he signed it. Now it's time to man up and play it out.

Meanwhile, NFL owners should not be exempt. They should not be able to pull contracts out from under players, either. Both sides agree to nulify a contract? Fine. That's the way the law works for Average Joe, that's the way it shoudl work for Athlete Joe.

This situation makes what the Vikings and Daunte went through all the more special. T.O. is blowing hard in the media, and Daunte Culpepper said NOTHING and got paid.

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