Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Perhaps the greatest golfer of all time, and people are trifling over his leaving the PGA after Sunday. Rain delayed the tournament, and he was already in the clubhouse, two back of the leader, who was still playing, along with three other people.

He ended up tying for fourth. People say, though, that he should have waited around in case Phil faltered, two other golfers did just as badly, and they needed a 4 or more way tiebreaker round. Give me a break.

More importantly, give Tiger Woods a break. This is one of the nicest guys in golf, and THE best mind in golf. If he thinks his tournament is over, it is over. Nostradamus could not predict a golf game better.

More importantly, people are engaging in a damned "what if". Well, you know what sports writers, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. That means he did nothing wrong. The end.

It's time we stop attacking our most beloved sports figures, or risk them shunning us, and becoming less accessible. The love of the sport comes from the interaction with the players. Treat them like people first, players second, and stories last.

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