Sunday, August 14, 2005


An interesting trade happened over the weekend, with the Timberwolves shipping Sam Cassell out for Marko Jaric. I am not sure of the value of Jaric, but what the wolves did was get SOME trade value for a dimishing talent in Cassell. WE rented him for a year, paid interest on him on the court for a year, and now we get a return on the investment. Overall, I think that puts us even for the transaction. Jaric has s ome upside, with a good shooting range and passable defense, but he looks asleep on the court sometimes, and not just in his just-woke-up hairstyle.

The rumor mill says Derek Anderson may be excepting the midlevel to play for the Timberwolves, too. This is a better development than I thought we had in us this offseason. DA has a good upside, and caught a bad rap sharing a lousy backcourt in portland. Being a feature backcourt guard would boost his numbers, and help the inside out game. The question mark is on the ball defense.

And it looks like Sprewell is finally gone, heading to our old coach Flip. It's too bad we didn't pull the trigger on this one last year. Now he is a free agent, and we won't get a thing from him.

Additions this year are looking like this:

Rashad McCants
Nikoloz Tskitishvili
Dwayne Jones
Marko Jaric
and possibly Derek Anderson, and Earl Watson (but most likely not both)

and we resigned:

Mark Madsen
and Eddie Griffin

And lost:

Sam Cassell
Latrell Sprewell
Ervin Johnson

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