Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When and Where

"JM" (I would want to keep my anonymity, too, if I lived that close to North Dakota) brought up a good point.

What is the appropriate, effective way to voice discontent with something political? Really, anything you don't like at all.

We have all seen the "rallies" that go on in Bemidji, and the picket lines here, as well. I think we all know how effective those are at slowing traffic and annoying passer-bys. But they don't seem to have much effect on any of the issues they discuss.

Similarly, these events on a larger scale seldom have an effect. Even the million man march failed to do much more than take up a few lines in social commentary for awhile. No one could link what they did to equality. It just didn't work.

Getting the media on your side seems to be a requirement, but they are so damned fickle that your cause won't even be half started before they have dropped you for another, newer story.

How do we, then, voice our discontent? And how do we do the same without being lumped in with the aforementioned groups?

I am seriously asking here, because I don't have a clue.

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