Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I think Chicago only gets that nickname because the people who use it have never been to Bemidji.

Seriously, every damned time I want to go kick out a nice 25 on the bike, the wind comes up and tells me to reconsider. I do, but I still end up riding anyway.

Today we had SSE 20-25 with gusts. Ehough wind that the weather forcast gets rid of the suns and clouds and just types "windy" in fast looking letters. Enough wind to blow you off course while pedaling.

Still, 25 miles today at just over 19mph. Not bad. I saw my boss in her SUV, so I had to race her. I got it up over 30 with the wind in my face on a flat before she turned off a side road (chicken). I also raced a Fed-ex delivery truck (because they have the open side doors and can see people, and he thought it was just as funny as I did.

He won, by the way.

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