Friday, September 09, 2005


In this very grey world, I still remain black and white about everything. Younger people call that arrogance, older people call it nievety.

People my age call me an asshole.

Gas prices have dropped 15 cents this week, and we are thankful. Too bad they rose 50 cents last week. Supply, in the last ten years, is up 4.6%, and usage 4.8%. This isn't a supply and demand issue, then, is it?

Johnny B and Lankey D are proof that any asshat can have a radio show, and people will listen.

Can we all agree to get rid of that damned Nickleback song? Two power chords and a "Rhyming for Dummies" handbook does not mean you are a musician.

Why do most people fail to understand that a conversation, with disagreement, is not an argument or attack on character? Are people REALLY that insecure?

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