Thursday, September 08, 2005


A lot to blog about today, so I am just going to gloss everything and get it out of the way.

First, anyone who missed last night's tennis match between Andre Aggasi and James Blake missed perhaps the best gut match in the history of tennis. Aggasi was down the first two sets, rallied the next two, and then took it to a tie break, where both sides broke three times before Aggasi won. It went on until 12:15 here, which meant they were playing Authur Ashe court until 1:15 in the morning. Just one hell of a match. check out the link for full details.

Now, I did some blog surfing from the people who randomly hit my blog. I found out an interesting fact: if you are a girl, and you are not fat, you will have more hits than you deserve. That's not to say all non-fatties don't deserve the hits they get, just that. . . well, yes, that's what I am saying.

Post a picture of yourself, and you will get comments like these:

"you're totally hot, do you have a boyfriend"
"I don't ever say this, but you are the cutest person I have ever seen" etc.

Show some cleavage and you can triple your hits.

Don't believe me? Check out this horrible post, and all the comments after it, and wonder to yourself why so many people read her blog.

The thing is, she isn't that good looking. Kind of pig nosed. Kermit might be interested...but I digress. She talked about a vibrator, who wouldn't want to read THAT?

I far prefer this blog. She recently posted a picture of herself (after I read it for this review) but that didn't bother me so much. Her writing voice is fun, if not a bit immature (she is only 18 or 19, from what I can tell), and she doesn't take herself very seriously. She's no keledy, but keledy went underground, so she is the next best thing.

Lastly, the steroids are working. Not only did I get a killer workout in today (almost two hours), my rash is drying out and already about 3/4 the size it was yesterday. I hope I don't grow hair on my back.

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