Wednesday, September 21, 2005


someone said this. It's too bad it was Barry Bonds, people are just going to say he has his own agenda. Still, this is the TRUTH:

Asked whether Congress was wasting time by looking into steroid use in sports, Bonds responded: "Pretty much, I think so. Yeah."

"You know what? There are still other issues that are more important," Bonds said. "Right now, people are losing lives, don't have homes, I think that's a little more serious. A lot more serious."

C'mon congress, pull your collective head out of your collective ass.


Expect a post about my Itasca camping trip, once I get it edited. Also, I should have a response post to my teaching post up soon. (I had some time to write these last few days)

My poison ivy may be gone, but the rash and hives left over from the medication are bugging me. Seriously, I don;t get sick for years, and then it all happens at once. I have a horrible head cold, too.

If Vikings Football is going to be this bad, I may have to start watching college games. Nobody wants that.

That's it, for now.

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