Thursday, September 15, 2005


Is hard when so many cool things exist in this world, all of them begging to be bought.

Carly and I are saving for our wedding. How much we save will determine how damned cool our wedding will be, and we want it to be DAMNED COOL. So we want to get 300-500 a month in our savings, not to be touched under penalty of death.

But lately, I have been buying stupid shit. It is as if I have some sort of consumer virus, and every now and again I have to go out and buy some gadget or trinket.

And ebay is the devil. They offer such great deals, at all hours of the night. I just bought a new PDA, and before that a bike, and the list goes on and on. I don't think I don't NEED these items, both the bike and the PDA have been very useful, I just wish I could control my impulse to spend.

Anyway, here we are, still trying to save money. For the most part, we are doing a fair job (like a B- effort), but I looked over the last two ledgers, and we could be saving a TON of money, instead of just a bit here and there.

And that's even before we switch to GEICO.

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