Monday, September 19, 2005


Hard work being a fan. I want to say we will right the ship, but I just don't know. The Vikings looked even worse this week than last. Here are a few observations about that:

Announcers are all retarded. There, I said it. This recent slide has very little to do with trading Randy Moss, and far more to do with losing our offensive line couach, top rusher, center, and right tackle to free agency or injury. Count off the seconds it takes for the pocket to collapse around Daunte. Now watch a raiders game, and count the seconds Randy Moss needs to get open. Still think he would make a difference?

I have said it before, and I will say it again, runningback by committee is worthless. We need to choose one back and stick to him. That back should NOT be Michael Bennett. Since his injury he has been ineffective. He had two fumbles last game, too. Faison OR Moore. End of discussion.

Daunte better learn how to take a sack. He is in for a long season, and he doesn't want to throw the ball into the hands of the opposition everytime the line collapses (which will be often).

Mike Tice is one game away, if not less, of losing his job. Count on it. This is unfortunate, because the skid isn't his fault, and I love his sound bites. The truth, though, is he has been a .500 coach, no better, and I don't see him getting better.

only 17 of almost 190 teams to start 0-2 made it to the playoffs. Four playoff teams from a year ago are 0-2. Something's gotta give.

Next week we WILL beat the saints. The line will be shuffled and no one will notice. Culpepper will throw for three touchdowns and a pick, and everyone will say he got things under control, when all he needed was a pocket.

That's it for the vikes this week.

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