Monday, September 26, 2005


finally have soemthign to be happy about. The game Sunday was about as good as I have seen the vikings play in a long time.

The key to the game was the offensive front. Those guys gave Culpepper good pockets all day, and allowed the recievers time to run downfield. They also gave some huge lanes to Mewelde Moore, who enjoyed a 101 yard rushing day as teh lone set back.

Now I AM one to say I told you so, but they shuffled the line, stuck with one runner most of the day, and Pepper threw for three touchdowns. All things I said they would do, and needed to do, for a win. Am I a football genius? yes. But it doesn't take one to realize that was the only thing they could do to win.

Lost in all this, perhaps, is the fact that Loney is no longer calling the plays. He is still the OC, but Tice is not calling the plays, and allowing Pepp to audible more. The TD throw to Troy Williamson was audibled.

How about Travis Taylor? TWO TD catches. Not a bad day. But, as everyone is quick to point out, this guy was a first round draft pick, and he ended up on a bad team. No one knew what he could do. We still don't. I haven;t seen precise route running like that on our team in a long time, though. He is a good addition, and at little cost.

In case anyone wants to get too high on this win, we have a tough one at the Falcons next week. That means running running and more running by the dirt birds. Some things I saw on the D line, which otherwise did a great job, worry me. We have a three gap as big as the Lincoln Tunnel, and if McAllister can run through it, Duccett, Dunn and Vick sure can. We missed a lot of backfield tackles on Aaron Brooks, and Vick is twice the athlete. Tough game for us next week.


I am back to hating my job. hate is a strong word, but I grow tired of the pettiness. Being a boss is a shitty shitty job. Being the boss of a group of prima donna post teen girls is almost unbearable. Having one of those be your boss, and having the boss you like out of the country for two weeks pushes it right over the edge.

We lost the best worker we had, too. She also happened to be hand picked by me (my first new hire, the rest of the staff is holdover from the last boss) so I am back to square one. I am going to insist we hire a new worker, instead of converting an office worker who isn;t cutting it in the office. I don't like hand me down clothes, why would I like hand me down workers?

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