Monday, September 26, 2005


to having our wedding all set up.

For those of you who don't know, we are doing a destination wedding. We want a very small ceremony, in a luxurious setting, where we have never been. We want as much of the wedding planned for us as possible, and as much of the responsibility on other people, preferably paid professionals.

So we had it narrowed down to an all inclusive resort or a cruiseship. After talking to a travel agent, we found out that cruise ships are big frauds. The fess they tack on are horrible. Port fees, landing taxes. It's silly. And they charge you for everything they can think of. Drinks are at bar prices, peak hours. The wedding ceremony is an extra 1000, minimum.

Sandals resorts, on the other hand, include EVERYTHING. The wedding, cake, flowers, pictures, and more (including JUST MARRIED T SHIRTS) are included. Drinks, all meals, snacks, room service, and a host of sports activities with professional trainers, are all included. Scuba diving is free! Golf is free! Just everything you can think of, included in the package. So, barring the travel agent sneaking something by us, this is our decision.

The wedding will be in June, and the vacation will span Carly's birthday (how romantic). It will cost us around 2200 bucks. We may stay longer, for about 135 a night more. Others who want to go will pay as little as 1500. That sounds like a lot of money, but is a very good price for what we are getting. That's airfare included, too.

The resort is in Jamaica. That means our wedding photos will be from the beach, and we will have the sunset, not some stuffy catholic church, as our backdrop. Our honeymoon is included, and we will be surrounded by the people we love. It is just perfect.

Except, of course, Carly's family is Catholic. So far, that is just a minor problem, but we are preparing for it to be larger. Hopefully people will respect our wishes, and our choices, and be happy for us. Knowing Catholics, though...And my family will be the same way, even though few are still practicing. It will be seen as eloping. I guess I am ok with that, because it is what we want, and fits our style. I just don't think starting our marriage off lying to God for our families is really a good idea. It sort of sets a tone, you know? I really hope people see it that way. You can maybe tell I am worried.

Bottom line, I am happy today. It feels good to have solid plans, and a direction, for our wedding. Everything else will work out as it will, and I have no control over that. What I have control over is marrying the perfect person, in the perfect place, and continuing our perfect life.

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