Sunday, September 11, 2005


I write less about my teams when they lose. I guess I just don;t feel like talking about it. But here goes, anyway.

Daunte Culpepper looked nervous in the service: four turnoves in a nightmare performance. He is better than that, so I just consider this a fluke. He does it again, though, and I have to break his kneecaps.

I thought our wide recievers were getting uncovered well. You might not have seen it, because Daunte was messin gup, but the route running was crisp, and they were really getting back to the ball.

We need a running back. Just one. I have never beleived in the rotation or runningback by committee. Many reps makes rythme. Where was Fason?

Defense looked great. Sharper overplayed a couple balls, but some of those paid off. 88 yards for a TD is a hell of a way to introduce yourself to your new teammates. Smoot cramped up, but not before taking down an INT himself. Pat williams is a big man, but deceptively fast. They had to be on the field a lot today, and they looked good.

Anyone who thinks what happened today was Pepps fault might want to look at the right guard position. What a mess. They were letting in rushers all day long. DP still has to hold on to the ball, but they need to give him a bit more time.

Of course, the announcers wanted to talk about Randy Moss. It's a story, but it had nothing to do with todays loss. No time to throw downfield means even Moss would have been frustrated.

How about our rookie punter? Actually, our whole legs team looked great. We need those guys if we want to make a deep run this year. Field position, and good defense, will win us a few bad games.

So many new faces, I need to start studying tape. I don't even know the names of some of these guys. More next week as we turn this around.

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