Monday, October 17, 2005


ruined by the poor play of the now ever-underachieving Minnesota Vikings.

I have been using this space to defend Daunte Culpepper, but today I will not. tHe line looke dsolid, he had good pockets most of the day, and he was throwing poorly, at best. Maybe there is something to the "WE don't have randy Moss" thing. Not that the other 31 teams in the league have that excuse, but perhaps Daunte needs an outlet for the long ball. Of course, we have three other guys who ran faster 40 times, and when Nate Burleson is catching balls he is as good as anyone.

No, the real problem here, I think, is Pepp is hearing footsteps now. You can watch and see he is checking down far too fast, dancing in the pocket too much, and throwing off his plant foot on the run. All signs he has been sacked far too much.

But you know what, I was throwing the ball with my nephew this weekend and I told him what every coach in every sport has ever told a player: in sports, you MUST have a short memory. You win one, get over it, you lose one, get over it. MOre specifically, you get over the bad plays, and the poor blocking, and you play the damned game.

But the weekend was not a wash. I got to play some more tennis, and our games are getting better and faster. I go tto throw and kick a football, and I got to visit frineds and family.

The vikings, after a weekend like that, seems like such a little thing.

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