Wednesday, October 26, 2005


not to post on message boards. It is very hard to find one that does not quickly disintegrate into name calling, flaming, and childish back and forth. I do not know why I thought this time would be different.

The problem is people take disagreeing far too seriously. Because I disagree with your idea does not (necessarily) follow that I disagree with YOU. I don't even know you, most of the time, why would I care enough to form an opinion about you? Instead of taking it personally, and gaining nothing from the debate, most people who choose to post on message boards tend to just resort to name calling and poop flinging.

It's a damned sad commentary on people that they cannot accept open minded disagreement, and must think of it as personal affront.

P.S. I won't name the site, as I don't want anything more to do with it. It simply will disappear from this site, and that will be all. Also, lest people think this is juyst sour grapes, it wasn't even me they were doing this to (until I stepped in) and it was very few of the people on the site (though one was an administrator). Just goes to show...

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