Thursday, October 06, 2005


the Simpsons comes to mind right now. Bart is in the backyard, digging a hole. Homer comes up and asks what he is doing, he replies. "Digging a hole". No reason, just digging a hole.

Man, I need a hole to dig. I am so terribly bored. I have been in the same pattern for too many days. Wake up, take the guys to work. Get back, get the rest of my sleep. Get up, do chores and paperwork around the office. Run errands. Come back, have dinner, watch a spot of TV or a movie from netflix, work out, shower, go to bed. Wow, written out that looks like a pretty good day, actually. But much like Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day, it's the same thing every single day.

The only thing good about my day is cuddling up with Carly and watching Family Guy before bed. I look forward to that. The rest of the day I just look forward to getting through.

I have never had a lot of friends at one time. Maybe a group of a half dozen. I mean, I was friendly with a ton of people, and could hang out with many of them from time to time, but I always kept my friends group small. That is sort of biting me in the ass now. They all moved away, and I don't have the courage to find new ones. Nor do I particularly care to, because it takes a lot of meeting assholes to find a few good friends. I am just all done with assholes. But it does mean my days all look the same, and lack the color brought on by friends' visits and insistent pushing towards doing things you normally wouldn't think of.

This isn't to say I don't still have friends, either. Certainly, the people who have met me in person and read this blog are in that circle. The people who haven't met me and read this blog are cool, too, I am sure (they have good taste in reading, at least). But if I want to see someone from the good ole days, it's at least 2 hours away. Who has the time? I guess I do.

That's the trouble with finding a hole to dig.

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