Thursday, October 27, 2005


"Came out" the other day. People are making a big deal about this. She is, by far, the highest profile athlete to "admit" she is gay. And that's cool for the gay community, to have someone out there "openly" gay.

Now, for the reason for the quotes. I just don't get why there is a need to come out. To admit. To open up. The thing is, our sex lives are private. Doesn't matter what we do, does it. Our lifestyles, the same. Doesn't matter if we are public figures. If I don't share my relationship with others, am I gay? No. That's silly.

So the only problem was in Sheryl Swoop's head. She though tit was such a big deal she went and got a husband and kids. She really was living a lie. But for what? Honestly, who the hell cares?

In male sports, I imagine, it is harder. So much Machismo that truly does not exist in female sports, or the female community at large. We were taught to hide that, and that's that. Perhaps someday that won't matter, and just like race, people won't care, so long as you produce on the field.


I watched (listened to) the Timberwolves game last night. We looked (sounded) good. I will devote a whole sprawling article to Michael Olowokandi, but he had a great night. The big surprise, though was how well our two point guards (Marco Jaric, and Anthony Carter) did. I believe they had 17 assists between them. A lot of good defense, and an easy win. Eddie Griffin hit three threes, blocked two shots. Rashad McCants can score at will. We have not had our whole front 5 on the court at once yet, KG was out with an ankle tweak, but the starters looked great. Having McCants and EG come off the bench, that helps ease my mind about our depth.

Overall, a B+ effort from a team missing their number one rebounder, scorer, and MVP.

This will prove to be an interesting season, and I think we will find a 4-6 spot in the postseason.

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